Discs, discs and more discs

So today we learnt about discs, as the title of this post may suggest. We had protoplanetary discs (or proplyds which is a horrible portmanteau), thin discs, thick discs, transitional discs…

This mostly involved theorists and simulations working their hardest, but we did get a few observational results thrown in for good measure. To be fair it’s a simulation type topic, current methods are not powerful enough without some serious and therefore expensive time on the largest telescopes. Some nice analysis advances are being made but for once1 observationalists have to play catch up.

We finished with a public talk from Debra Fischer and a slightly US-centred view on the history of exoplanet discovery. There was one nice picture of Mayor and Queloz by the telescope. A good day in all.

  1. I am exaggerating here for effect. ↩︎