Last day

The last day has come and gone. I didn’t get time yesterday to write about it so I’m doing it now while I sit in front of the A-team in a Canadian hostel. As a side note this film looks terrible.

We had some of the most interesting talks of the day yesterday, talking about planet migration and feasibility studies. Some cool stuff but I still don’t have a disc migration based theory to explain the Rossiter-McLaughlin effect. A quite sensible talk was about the formation of hot Jupiters and how the primary migration mechanism is based on the host star (or disc) metalicity. Low metalicity stars can only cause hot Jupiters to migrate through type II migration due to lack of metals from which extra planets can be formed. High metalicity stars can support the same process, as well as dynamical formation as more planets will have formed from the protoplanetary disc. It kinda makes sense in my mind.

After the conference I met a nice Chinese man on the bus to the ferry and we traveled together until I got to my stop on the sky line. He was in educational research and worked in Ottawa, and we had a nice trip.

I got into my hostel and went to get some dinner. I went back to the same place Dave, John and I went on the last night as I knew it’d be good, and I could sit somewhere and pass the time. I ended up eating at the bar and sat next to a couple who ended up introducing themselves to me and we spent the rest of the night drinking and talking. It was a lot of fun!

I’m currently drinking my coffee, and getting ready to go out and explore Vancouver. The weather has finally turned and it looks pretty cloudy outside, but I’m English so my shorts and sandals are making a guest appearance one last time. Soon I’ll be back in England a day later than I left and probably not going to be very communicative.