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Dickwraith stories

So I’ve done some very dickish things as a darkwraith in Dark Souls, mostly involving firestorm. I’m certain my stories are not the worst but they’re probably some of the worst things I’ve done! I’m leaving this here as a confessional of sorts, but also a great place to leave my invasion stories. Some context: these stories were probably performed on my SL1 dickwraith character, using a +5 chaos battle axe for max damage.

Dark Souls magic

I was sceptical when I first stepped into the land of Lordran and perished at the hands of yet another undead nightmare hunting me, for I assume I’d angered it in some way. I do not know what I did to annoy this poor hollowed creature but it wanted my blood so I unburdened it of the strange life force causing it to attack me so. I had already died to it many times but this time I managed to vanquish the foe and move on…

…to the next foe and subsequently die at its cold hands. This pattern repeated itself for quite a while until finally I managed to defeat the Asylum Demon and escape that wretched place.