Wow I never thought this day would come! Posting to the internet from a phone.

My first phone was a nice brick as was typical at the time. I only turned it on to ring in emergencies, and probably never sent a text with it. After I started going out with my first girlfriend, I felt the need to get a slightly fancier phone, a Nokia 3210.

A true classic, mostly due to the game snake which was all the rage at my school. I couldn’t be left out so I did get a 3210, but as per usual I got to the game late so about two years after everyone else I finally had the greatest phone game of all time: snake!

Anyway, fast forward to now, after spending years being behind the times, I have purchased an android smartphone and am typing this on it. Not the easiest thing ever but not too unpleasant! I never thought this day would come, and my hasn’t technology moved on eh?!