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Installing NixOS as my main OS

Deploying CloudFront with CloudFormation

An HTMX example appending content from a websocket

Modern Python development

How I Debug

Updating Shift Touchtyping


Kafka findings

Linux debugging tips

Rust in 2020

Jupyter client library

Making windows feel more like Linux

Emcee in Rust

Python parallelism cheat sheet (part 2)

Python parallelism cheat sheet

Installing rust on older linux systems

Fighting the compiler

Numpy functions may not do what you think

Command line inconsistency

Add timestamps to stdout

Python database transactions

Separate IPython profiles for interactive use

git submodules are not so bad

git rebase --skip is fine

Interpolation in Python

Tiling png images in linux

Failed loading plugin: copr

Using a Makefile for science!

IPython version 2.0

Testing PyMC3

Dickwraith stories

Puppet and vagrant

git quick

vim crashing with ruby on OSX

Null objects for the win

Ruby is scary

Ruby: first impressions

cello voice

Using guard with foreman

Function fitting with lmfit

Conference notes

Flight back

Last day

Victoria museum

Bike ride of the century

Discs, discs and more discs

First day

Victoria ferry

Hostel ahoy

At the airport

IAUS 299

The :Explore command in vim

Dark Souls magic

Cross site REST development

Application-like websites with fluid

Stupid programming mistake

Installing development version of nginx with Homebrew

(node) development on OSX


Nested gitignore files

Embedding Python in LaTeX

Mac keyboard keys with Synergy

Vim is even more amazing than I first thought!

Cython: getting a vector from a numpy array

OS X 10.7 Lion: my thoughts

Afloat for Mac OS X

Plotting unevenly gridded contour plots

Installing IT++ on Mac OSX


Tunneling to a remote machine via ssh

Graphics engines


Adding module imports to iPython startup

Flash blocker for safari

Restore Xcode startup panel


Changing the rpath on a linux binary

Linking on linux

Allowing the use of clang in qmake

Adam Buxton - alone in the shed

Turn of middle click page loading in Firefox

Pinky and the Brain, Tongue Twister

Cliff on beer

BBQ/World cup