git quick

Git quick is a simple shell command I’ve written for quicker one line messages. It allows committing like

g q A simple commit message

Note the lack of quotes. Some things I’ve used to make it quicker:

  • alias git to g in my zshrc
  • alias q to quick in my gitconfig file
  • put the git-quick script into my path somewhere

The script

The script really can’t be much simpler:

(gisted for quick cloning)

I only learnt about git cleverly loading any executable git-* script, and it simply expands any arguments into the commit message.

Note: this can be even quicker if you alias git quick to a single letter in your zshrc e.g. alias gq='git quick' or alias q='git quick' but this seems a bit silly to me.

WARNING: this increases the likelihood of commit messages like “stuff” or “commit” as it makes it really easy to write short informative messages, so I implore you to use this newly gained power wisely.