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Tag: LaTeX

Using guard with foreman

I’ve been playing with Ruby quite a bit recently and I like the way a custom-looking DSL can be created from the same source language. This means I’ve converted a lot of my tools (e.g. Makefiles) into Rakefiles and I’ve just found foreman which can manage multiple subprocesses and combine their output into a nice looking coloured console result. This is typically used to manage web processes (server, task runner, development database etc.


Using LuaLaTeX seems like a great idea, inserting the excellent embedded programming language Lua into LaTeX1 code (not really code, a very good mathematical markup language) to help with some of the inconveniences of the language.

For those of you who’ve never worked with LaTeX, imagine a simple markup language like markdown for example. The text looks clean and simple, font style changing and the like is handled pretty seamlessly and does not distract from the experience of writing the text itself.

LaTeX is not like this.

Embedding Python in LaTeX

Combining Python with LaTeX is a powerful combination. It allows for arbitrary code to be executed which either gives the results of expressions, or can be used to embed programatically certain things e.g. the paths of files or images. By downloading python.sty and including it in a usepackage block, python code can be run. I was having trouble getting this to work as it seems I was using an invalid version of python.